Pitfalls of Preordering Madden 13

Madden 13 was released into stores at midnight, this morning, August 28th. Gamers were able to go out and buy their favorite franchise or preorder a copy to receiver bonus features such as unlocking John Elway or legendary coach Tom Landry.

I was one of the people who preordered a copy.

Now, you’d think that preordering would give you these special bonus features, but wouldn’t hinder your ability to get the game, on time.

You would be wrong. My copy of Madden arrived at 6:39 PM today. Apparently, I am one of the last stops that FedEx makes in a day. Hours of potential Madden game time were lost, while I had to hear from countless people on twitter go on and on about how awesome the new game was.

Here’s my proposal, EA Sports. Next time, people who preorder Madden (or any of your video games, for that matter) should receive their copy a day early. Due to shipping issues, this means that they could get their copy at 7 am or 7 pm. Don’t the people who invested in your product early deserve to be at the front of the proverbial line? If you order a copy in June, your enjoyment should come well before the casual person who waltzes down to their local Walmart when it’s first released.

That’s just my opinion. I better wrap up this blog. This Madden game isn’t going to play itself.


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