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NFL Replacement Referees – Clueless in Seattle

A picture says a thousand words. If you know nothing about the NFL, know this. The referees look at the same plays… when they make different hand signals, something is wrong. In this picture, the referee on the left is waving his arms above his head to “stop the clock”, a common hand signal that […]

Would you lose a piece of your ear and come back into a football game, just to get a win?… I wouldn’t. Matt Schaub clearly has bigger cajones than most people. Schaub came back in the game and helped the Houston Texans beat the Denver Broncos 31-25. This puts him in the same company as […]

Steve Sabol: A Lifetime of Movie Making and NFL Football

Steve Sabol, founder and President of NFL Films, passed away this morning at age 69 after fighting with brain cancer for over a year. Steve Sabol played football at Colorado College. “My father called me when I was out there and he said, ‘I can tell by your grades that all you’ve been doing is […]

Awake With Anticipation: ‘Twas the Night Before Kickoff

It’s almost 1:30 am. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. I can’t sleep. I can’t eat. I can’t focus on studing my Organic Chemistry book. I can’t do anything other than focus on the upcoming NFL season. Sure, the Cowboys and Giants already played on Wednesday, but I don’t really consider that the grand […]

How To: Dealing With a Dead Car Battery

I was stranded at Kroger with a dead car battery. What’s worse than being stranded with a vehicle that won’t start? Being stranded with a vehicle that won’t start that has melting ice cream in the back seat while it is pouring rain outside. Yuck. Fortunately, I was parked next to a very kind woman […]