Would you lose a piece of your ear and come back into a football game, just to get a win?… I wouldn’t. Matt Schaub clearly has bigger cajones than most people. Schaub came back in the game and helped the Houston Texans beat the Denver Broncos 31-25.

This puts him in the same company as Evander Holyfield, who’s ear was bitten by the infamous Mike Tyson. In this scenario, Broncos linebacker Joe Mays would be the Mike Tyson equivalent. I hope he doesn’t start telling people he’s going to eat their children. Too much imitation is cheesy…

Former NFL Official Mike Pereira urged that the hit should have resulted in Joe Mays being ejected. However, the replacement NFL referees had a number of questionable decisions this weekend, too many to list in just one article. Most notably, the fans in Baltimore started to chant “Bulls**t” in one of the most complex displays of displeasure I’ve ever seen at an NFL game.


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