University of Louisville: Mold in Miller Hall

Yet another environmental hazard has stricken the University of Louisville. Today, an email was sent out from the University instructing students who live in Miller Hall to vacate the premises by Friday because of a mold problem throughout the building. Students are being placed in hotels, affiliated campus housing, and off campus locations.

For people in the area with rooms for rent (such as myself), this news could force some potential renters in your direction.

During maintenance inspections over fall break, UofL officials and contractors discovered significant mold growth in Miller Hall.  Aspergillus and Penicillium-like mold spores were the most common spores found in the rooms. Although it appears to pose no immediate health risk, the university has determined it is best to remove the mold and begin the process of identifying the source for the sudden mold growth.

For us to do this, we must move all students out of this hall, probably for the duration of the fall semester. The students will vacate Miller Hall by Friday evening, Oct. 12, and must have their belongings out by Sunday night, Oct. 14. Arrangements are being made to relocate them to affiliated communities, hotels and off-campus housing over the next few days.

The university routinely inspects its residence halls. Our reviews of other halls have turned up only isolated, less severe cases that appear to pose no threat. We are treating these on a case-by-case basis. We also are taking preventive steps, such as turning off air conditioning in the halls, which will help prevent mold growth.

This news comes just a week after a report about bed bugs in Ekstrom Library and Unitas Tower, both U of L campus buildings.

It seems like the University has some serious health and sanitation issues throughout the campus and it’s disturbing that all of this news is coming, at once.

For more information, follow the link below:


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