Elmo Accused of Statutory Rape… Takes Sesame Street Leave of Absence

Kevin Clash, a world renowned puppeteer who gave life to Elmo on Sesame Street, is taking a leave of absence from Sesame Street while he faces allegations of statutory rape for having sexual relations with a 16 year old boy. It’s being reported that the alleged incident did not happen on company property (Sesame Street), which means that PBS wouldn’t be liable for any charges from the accuser. Kevin Clash is in for a long legal battle, though.

Furthermore, if the allegations are true that Kevin Clash had relations with a 16 year old boy, my childhood is officially ruined.

Of course, these are only accusations and it’s possible that the accusations aren’t true. Innocent until proven guilty. But, then again, there’s also the possibility that Kevin Clash, the voice of Elmo, will be forever tarnished. Worse yet, Elmo would super creepy. When Elmo says “hahaha, Elmo loves tickles” or “Elmo loves you”… it’s just creepy, now.

I find this story extremely sad. I grew up with a stuffed Elmo. I took it everywhere I went when I was a little kid. Am I going to have to throw it away because it’s associated with a rapist?

I sure hope, not.

Kevin Clash has claimed his innocence and will fight the allegations. I’m not one to take sides in a case like this, but I really hope that none of this happened.

The victim met with Sesame Workshop, who produces Sesame Street, but felt like he was being strong armed by the company and instead went to the same lawyers who handled the victims of the Jerry Sandusky trial… The fact that Elmo is being mentioned in the same breath as Jerry Sandusky disgusts me. But that’s the world we live in, I guess.

Goodbye, childhood.

“Elmo sad…”




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