Rape Allegations Retracted… Elmo Isn’t Going to Jail

Elmo happy now…

After allegations surfaced that Kevin Clash had statutory rape with a 16 year old boy, many people (including myself) raised concern and disgust. Fortunately, the allegations have been recanted and no further issues will come of this story.

So, Elmo is innocent.

Thank goodness.

In our justice system, people are innocent until proven guilty, but this doesn’t protect you from a public relations nightmare. For Kevin Clash, the worst that came of these allegations was that he was forced out of the closet. While this isn’t nearly as bad as going to jail, it’s something that changes his personal and family relationships.

But the key point here is that ELMO ISN’T GOING TO JAIL!!!

Sesame Workshop had this to say, “We are pleased that this matter has been brought to a close and we are happy that Kevin can move on from this unfortunate episode.”

Me too, Sesame Workshop… me too.



  1. In my opinion Kevin should go to jail for rape! He works around kids he will do it again! And he is a disgusting faggot he can count on me ceasing my children to not seeing Seasame Street EVER again!

    1. Andrea Castillo, you are an idiot.

      Here’s where you’re wrong…. You say “he works around kids he will do it again”. First of all, that should be two sentences. Secondly, he didn’t do it “IN THE FIRST PLACE”. The allegations were recanted. This means he’s INNOCENT. This means HE DIDN’T DO IT. This means ELMO IS CLEAN. Elmo is gay, but Elmo is CLEAN.

      How do you expect him to do it “again” if he wasn’t charged with doing it “in the first place”?

      You want him to go to jail for something he didn’t do? If you want a judicial system like that, move to Africa. Seriously. I’ll help you pack, even.

      The rest of your language indicates that you’re kind of a bigot. I wouldn’t ordinarily allow comments like that on my blog, but I think my readers are smart enough to know that I don’t agree with you (hence this comment) and they’re also smart enough to realize why I will leave your comment on my blog… It’s because your comment makes us pity you. I hope you like the view way up there on your high horse. In reality, you’re just too far removed from reality to realize that what you are saying is stupid. Think about what you say before you say it.

      Sorry for your kids, by the way… I hope you don’t call your children “faggot” if one of them grows up and is gay. I’ll tell you this, now…. they wouldn’t want their mom calling them that. Hopefully, you grow up some before that time.

      Cheers. Feel free to email me at t.hufford@hotmail.com if you would like to further discuss your homophobia, Andrea. I’m a straight, Christian, white male from Kentucky and even I find your lack of tact disgusting…

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