A Rant on Christmas and Black Friday

I’m like many of you. I do like Christmas time. It’s nice to have a little break between semesters or a little bit of time off work. However, I still don’t understand the consumerism. The Black Friday deals and the Cyber Monday deals sounded great for value, but in practice they aren’t really worth it.

I did some calculations. For a television that was on sale during black friday, you would save around $60. Only the first 4 people in line would get the deal, so you’d have to stay overnight to be one of the first in line. Assuming you’re going to get there 10 hours early, you’re savings is approximately $6 per hour. That’s below minimum wage. That’s not even mentioning the cold, uncomfortable cement you’re going to sit on or the time spent away from doing things that are fun.

On black friday, I was at my family’s house, playing board games with friends and watching movies.

Monday was cyber monday and I didn’t purchase anything then, either. I was busy doing other things.

After watching a couple of the youtube videos featuring people pushing and shoving people in Walmart to get their favorite product, it saddened me. A day after Thanksgiving, people forget that they were ever thankful. Instead, they’re suddenly greedy. Is it really worth knocking over old ladies or punching children in the face so you can save $60? I don’t think so. I’m appalled at people who do.

As this holiday season continues, be mindful that most of the things you’re buying aren’t really worth the price of being a terrible person.

Be kind. Be courteous. Be generous.



  1. cfries0303 · · Reply

    Great story……so true!

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